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Constellar is a vehicle to convey the peculiarities and predilections of two enthusiasts - Song (left) and Edgar (right) sharing the same passion in watch design and innovation. Our goal is to, through the design language present in our products, establish a platform for like-minded individuals to converge, breaking boundaries and quashing preconceived notions to foster an inclusive, communicative collective. 


On quality, we are supported by a team of expert watchmakers with decades of know-how and excellence in the industry. On design and innovation, we partner elusive artisans who dedicate their lives to their crafts, and challenge ourselves to utilise their expertise to construct compelling articles that will hold uniqueness for a lifetime. This tripartite integration between watchmaker, artisan, and enthusiast elevates our craft of watchmaking and forms the foundations to which Constellar is built upon. 


To us, nothing is more enticing than to vertically integrate the manufacturing process and be wholly responsible for the construction of our products. While we are taking baby steps to reach this goal, it is with immense pride for us to claim that all assembly will be performed in-house by the Constellar team in Singapore. Each and every watch produced will follow this principle of “from our hands to yours”, completing the finishing touches to your Constellar experience. 

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