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Of Motifs & Expressions - Creating A Watch with Zero Catalogue Parts

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In the last post, we gave a broad overview of Project Origin’s silhouette. Today, we will be delving into the specific detailing of each component that makes the watch whole. This exercise will also reveal how we will be relying on no catalogue parts for the Origin project. In fact, the only component which is off-the-shelf, will be the movement itself!

Going back to the drawing board, and then some.

As you might have probably read in the first post of this series, the Constellar Starseeker had been our 3rd attempt at Kickstarter fame and fortune. Although it failed, it did yield a design feature we really liked: the Diamond indices.

We revisited that particular detail once again for Project Origin, and decided to incorporate it as a key design element in various components

We gave the Diamond motif a new proportion, based on the Golden Ratio. This "Divine Proportion" of 1:1.618 is prevalent in many aspects of life; it occurs naturally in nature, is manifested in everything from the curl of ocean waves, to the arrangement of flower petals. Architectural designs have also used this ratio successfully to great effect over the centuries. The 1:1.618 diamond motif thus became a beacon for our design journey. We wanted to retain the diamond indices, because it did draw several positive comments from the Starseeker backers, and wanted to see if we can incorporate this shape subtly in other component aspects of the Origin.


We redesigned the diamond indices into a different form with no lume plots, and decided on fully-polished finishing all across the 6 facets. This allows the indices to truly stand out on the dial. The sloped top-facing facets will create some interesting shadow-play on the dial.


We have the chance to create a proprietary integrated bracelet, and spent substantial time studying the most popular options for the past 60 years. Our research yield this design, which we are sure will fit all (humanly possible) wrist sizes! That said, we do recognise that a smaller percentage of those with a 8-inch and above wrist will be looking to purchase our watches, so they are primarily built to fit wrist sizes 8-inches and below. For our bigger-wristed brethren, no worries: we can easily ship extra links to yourself at no charge, upon request.

The bracelet is designed to enable extremely precise fitting adjustments, down to 1.5mm in deviation. We really do not want to create a bulky bracelet, which offsets both the visual appeal of the entire watch, as well as the weight on wrist. As such, a hidden butterfly clasp was chosen, after a long period of deliberation. Nearly 90% of the bracelet's surface areas will be brushed, with the raised sides of the mid-links polished, and polished chamfers along the edges of the side-links, to create a striking contrast. As you can see in the image above, we have made use of the diamond motif once again, to demarcate various removable link sizes. This will allow us to, 1) communicate better with buyers on the sizing recommendations online, and 2) ship varying size links to buyers using easy reference terms.


The motif is repeated on the side of the crown, debossed, with a raised "O" (for Origin) in the middle.


The very last use of the diamond motif will be the screw recesses on the caseback (which offers a beautiful view of the SW240-1M movement we will be using!)

And that is it for Part 3! We hope you enjoyed the series thus far, and stay tuned for the very last part, coming in the next fortnight. In it, we will be revealing our dial options, and the final, complete design of the Origin model. Until then, drop us comments on our Facebook posts, or in the comments section below, to let us know what you think.

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